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The Paging Grid Text Column Component has been deprecated.

Image Column

Function: a!gridImageColumn()

Displays a column of images within a paging grid. To display images in an editable grid, use an image component.


Name Keyword Types Description




Name to display for the column heading.




Name of the field that populates the column. Stored into Paging and Selection Value when the user clicks on the column label. A sort indicator displays on the column when its Field argument matches pagingInfo.sort[1].field.



Array of Images

Array of images values to display in the column. Create images with a!documentImage(), a!userImage(), a!webImage().




Determines whether the component is displayed on the interface. When set to false, the reference line is hidden and is not evaluated. Default: true.




Determines how the images are sized. Valid values: "ICON" (default), "TINY", "GALLERY", "SMALL", "MEDIUM", and "LARGE".

Is Thumbnail



Determines whether the images can be viewed at a larger size when clicked. Multiple images will be visible in a slideshow. Default: false.




Determines how the images are rendered. Valid values: "STANDARD" (default) or "AVATAR".

The maximum display dimensions for each Size are listed below:

  • "ICON": 20x20 pixels
  • "TINY": 60x120 pixels
  • "GALLERY": 240x80 pixels
  • "SMALL": 100x200 pixels
  • "MEDIUM": 200x400 pixels
  • "LARGE": 400x600 pixels


  • If Style is set to "STANDARD", images are scaled down as necessary to fit the size limit, preserving their natural aspect ratio. Images will never be scaled up with this configuration, so they'll display at their natural size if they are smaller than the configured size.
  • If Style is set to "AVATAR", images are scaled down or up as necessary to fit the size limit, preserving their natural aspect ratio, and cropped in a circle.
  • Images look best with the ICON size if they are 40 x 40 pixels and have a transparent background. The images display at 20 x 20 pixels but an original size of 40 x 40 pixels is recommend if any users view the images on high-definition screens, like an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
  • The Field parameter determines whether a sort indicator displays for that column. If the data is sorted by that value, but the Field parameter is null, the sort indicator will not display.

See Also: Indicator Icons

Old Versions

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Old Versions Reason for Update

Now supports a style parameter, a separate configuration for thumbnail functionality, and more sizes.

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