Read-Only Grid Column Component

Grid Column

Function: a!gridColumn()

Displays a column of data as read-only text, links, images, rich text, buttons, tags, record actions, or progress bars within the Read-Only Grid Component.

When configuring the component, click Display Options after choosing a value.

Grid column display options dialog


Name Keyword Types Description




Text to display as the column header.

Sort Field


Any Type

The name of the field that the data should be sorted by when the user sorts by this column. When sorting record data, reference a record field using the recordType! domain. For example, recordType!Case.fields.caseName.

Help Tooltip



Displays a help icon in the column header with the specified text as a tooltip.

Display Value


Any Type

The value to display in each cell within the column. The value can be text, a!imageField(), a!linkField(), a!richTextDisplayField(), a!tagField(), a!buttonArrayLayout(), a!recordActionField(), or a!progressBarField(). It is evaluated once for each row. You can reference the fields from the data source using fv!row and the field name in dot notation (fv!row.fieldName). For example, if your source is a data store entity, you can reference the "status" field using fv!row.status. You can also reference the identifier of the row using fv!identifier.




Determines whether the column is displayed in the grid. When set to false, the column is hidden and is not evaluated. Default: true.




Determines the alignment for the header label and all values within the column. Valid values: "START" (default), "CENTER", "END".




Determines the column width. Valid values: "AUTO", "ICON", "ICON_PLUS", "NARROW", "NARROW_PLUS", "MEDIUM", "MEDIUM_PLUS", "WIDE", "1X", "2X", "3X", "4X", "5X", "6X", "7X", "8X", "9X", and "10X".

General Notes

  • If the value for a column is empty or null, the grid still renders the column with just the label.

Column Width Notes

  • For columns using the "AUTO" width, the width is determined by the length of the longest value in that column.
  • Avoid using "AUTO" and weighted column widths (such as "1X", "2X", "3X", etc) together.
  • If you use a fixed width (such as "NARROW", "MEDIUM", etc) for a column that doesn't take up the width of the page, the width will auto distribute depending on the content inside the column.
  • If you use "ICON" & "AUTO" widths together, the column using "ICON" will always be the same width and the column using "AUTO" will fill up the remaining space.

Old versions

There are older versions of this Interface Component. You can identify older versions by looking at the name to see if there is a version suffix. If you are using an old version, be sure to refer to the corresponding documentation from the list below.

Old Versions Reason for Update

Now supports multiple interface components.


Now supports multiple interface components.

To learn more about how Appian handles this kind of versioning, see the Function and Component Versions page.

The following patterns include usage of the Read-Only Grid Column Component.

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