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Everything you needed to know about getting third-party systems to communicate with Appian can be found here. Use these topics to learn about Appian's out-of-the-box connectivity functionality.

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In this category, you will find conceptual topics about connecting Appian and other systems together. If you've never done this, start with Why Integrate.


Need a particular example or walkthrough to help you set up a particular service? This category has that. Check out the Integration Tutorial to learn how Appian calls other systems or the Web API Tutorial to learn how other systems can call Appian.

Best Practice

Find topics that focus on guidance and best practices. Not sure which object to use, check out the Choosing the Right Type of Integration page.


This category contains specific details about the integration, connected system, and web api objects as well as connector function.

Out-of-Scope Topics

These topics are focused on the shared data and services between systems. As such, the following topics will not be discussed in this guide.

Data Stores

Data stores are objects that connect to third-party relational database systems, via a JDBC connection. While it's technically is an integration these configurations occur during the installation process of Appian by a system administrator. Therefore, data stores will not be included as a topic in this guide.

Embedded Interfaces

This guide will not include articles referring to embedded interfaces. While embedded interfaces requires integration with other system, and in their own right are integrations, the primary goal of it is to embed Appian UIs into another webpage. The focus of this integration guide is data-centric integrations.

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