Delete Group Smart Service


The Delete Group smart service allows you to select a group and remove it from the system.

The Portal Administrators and Document Administrators custom groups are built into Appian and cannot be deleted, even by System Administrators.

Permissions Needed

The Delete Group activity can only be executed by a system administrator or by an administrator of the group. Attempting to run this node without sufficient rights causes an error message to be sent to the process administrator and pauses the process.


  • Category: Identity Management

  • Icon:

  • Assignment Options: This smart service can be either attended or unattended (default)

Configuration Options

This section contains tab configuration details specific to this smart service. For more information about common configurations see the Process Node Properties page.

Data Tab

Node Inputs

Name Type Required Multiple Default Value Comments
Group Group Yes No The group to delete.

Selecting a Personal Visibility input value sets other associated node input values automatically. Be aware that the node input lists on the Data tab and the dropdown lists displayed task form are not automatically filtered when this happens to show only valid options for the Visibility. Any invalid selections (made by you at design time, or by your users at runtime) are ignored when the group is created.


The Delete Group smart service is available as an expression function that can be executed inside a saveInto on a Interface Component or as part of a Web API.


a!deleteGroup(group, onSuccess, onError)


  • group (Group): The group to delete.
  • onSuccess (Any Type): A list of saves or an HTTP response to execute after the smart service executes successfully. Created with a!save() or a!httpResponse(). The following function variable is available when configuring this input:
    • fv!group (Any Type): The group that was created.
  • onError (Any Type): A list of saves or an HTTP response to execute when the smart service does not execute successfully. Created with a!save() or a!httpResponse().



See Create Group Smart Service

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