Process Model AI-Augmented Development


This topic discusses a focused program that we internally call the "Appian Developer Co-Pilot" program. This program is about taking the large knowledge that Appian has built, how our customers build applications, how we internally build applications at Appian, mining that anonymized data and feed it into Artificial Intelligent (AI) agents capable of understanding the patterns of development. And then, building AI assistance into the development process.

Process Model AI-Augmented Development

One of the most powerful tools of the Appian Environment is the Appian Process Modeler. There is an infinite number of possibilities for orchestration and collaboration to build new business patterns.

Furthermore, as a developer, you have a large number of smart services available to design your applications.

Inside the Process Modeler, there's an area in the upper-left corner called "Recommendations."


The AI within the Process Modeler is going to automatically analyze the active process that you are working on and suggest to you the most likely pattern that you are going to design next.

It's going to predict all your design patterns, using all that in-depth knowledge of past behavior in years of Process Modeling.


As you design a step, it's automatically going to refresh the recommendations and know what to create next. It's going to introduce a new smart service for you to draw. It's pretty simple.


In a more elaborated example, one with multiple branches and decision logic, the AI-engine is going to take all that data and identify the best possible node for individual paths.

When you right-click on the flow, it's going to give you recommendations about what to add next based on the design pattern.

It's predicting what you need.

And if you don't see what you need, you can go ahead and search very quickly using the text search and find that specific smart service that you are looking for.

This is a very powerful feature that, without ever leaving your browser, it's always looking at the design of your process, trying to understand what the goal of your process is, and recommending the next smart service to add to your process model.

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