Insights provides customers and partners with information related to their Appian experiences in a single secured place. This transparency, along with a simplified navigation experience, improves the ability for customers and partners to monitor and manage their Appian applications.

Insights is available to all customers and partners and can be accessed in Appian Community by navigating to the support page. Content within the site may have additional security. The site currently contains three tabs. The Home tab provides users with a landing page to display customer and partner messaging as needed. The Health tab provides information specific to managing and monitoring the Appian platform. The Support tab provides users with a way to self-service and collaborate with Appian for any platform or account related help they may need.

/Insights home page


Health Monitoring is a critical tool for successful management of Appian applications and overall platform health. Given the importance of this tool, the health tab contains the following capabilities:

Health Check

  • Health check content is accessible by community users associated with one or more customer accounts.

Insights Health Check


  • View the results of the health check directly in Appian in an interactive analysis.
  • View historical trends of the findings.
  • Ignore specific findings that have been vetted and deemed no longer a risk.

The health check report is still available for use.

/Insights hc process page


  • Request a manual health check analysis.

Insights Request Health Check Analysis

Cloud Resources

  • Cloud insights is accessible only by community users that are also cloud customer technical support contacts. This capability is specific to cloud customers and provides key information about the current performance of their cloud environments along with infrastructure configuration.

Insights Cloud Resources


  • Filter and view cloud metrics.
  • View metrics by zooming in on specified time frames.

/Insights cloud metrics page


  • View cloud server configurations ( such as disk space).
  • View optional cloud configurations ( high availability).

Insights Environments


  • View static VPN tunnel and AWS PrivateLink connections between a customer’s Appian Cloud instances and their external resources.
  • View configuration details for the above connections by interacting with the visualization.

Insights Connectivity


Designated Support Contacts can navigate to the Support tab to update and interact with support cases, to manage account details, and to download platform installers and solution applications.


  • View support cases.
  • Access and edit support cases.
  • Create new cases for your accounts.

Insights Support Cases


  • View accounts to which you are associated.
  • View and manage account information such as support contacts, installations, and more.

Insights Support Accounts


  • Provides on-premise customers access to software installers, hot fix packages, and related documentation.
  • Download expert-developed solutions built on the Appian platform, if applicable.

Support Downloads

Survey Tasks

  • View and complete all outstanding support satisfaction survey tasks.

Survey Tasks

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