Line Chart Configuration

Function: a!lineChartConfig()

Contains configuration for how to display data in a line chart. See the Line Chart Component page for examples on using this configuration supporting function.

See also: Chart Configuration Using Records, Column Chart Config, Bar Chart Config, Pie Chart Config, UX Charts Best Practices


Name Keyword Type Description
Primary Grouping primaryGrouping Grouping Defines the field labels to display on the axis in the chart, configured using a!grouping().
Secondary Grouping secondaryGrouping Grouping Defines the field labels to display across each line in the chart, configured using a!grouping().
Measures measures Measure Defines the numerical calculations for data in the chart, configured using a!measure(). If no measure is provided, a count of records shows as the measurement in the chart.
Sort sort SortInfo Field to sort by in the chart. To define a sort, use the alias or record field reference of any grouping or measure field, and sort ascending or descending using a!sortInfo().
Data Limit dataLimit Integer Maximum number of data points to display on the chart. Default: 100. Valid values: 1-5000.


  • a!lineChartConfig() is always used within a line chart component.
  • This configuration is used when a record type is defined as the data source for a line chart.
  • The primaryGrouping is required to display data on the chart. The data values returned from the grouping display on the horizontal axis.
  • secondaryGrouping is optional; if this parameter is provided, multiple lines are shown for each unique value in the grouping and the label will display in the legend and / or tooltips if they are enabled.
  • If no measure is provided, the chart displays a count of records. Also, the label displays as Count of <primary key field name>.
  • The dataLimit determines the total number of data points displayed in the chart. When both a primary and secondary grouping are provided, there is a data point for each unique combination of values: with 3 values in your primary grouping and 4 values in your secondary grouping, you will have 12 values on your chart.
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