This release includes exciting enhancements to automation, Appian Records, and more.

Build powerful web automations using low-code

Appian RPA now makes it easy to automate all kinds of web applications by expanding our low-code capabilities to support a wider variety of components and more common functionality. This means that many web automations can be built without writing any Java code at all.

Improved data sync for Appian Records

We have a lot of new features for syncing your record type sources, including sync for integration data, immediate sync for source data changed by Appian, and you can now enable sync for sources that have up to 100,000 rows.

Centralized monitoring with the Health Dashboard

The Health Dashboard is a new monitoring view that displays KPIs on runtime metrics, such as process activity and record response times, and shows them side-by-side with object design recommendations in a single, centralized view.

Check out the latest updates to documentation and training content.

New and updated Appian AI docs

Interested in learning how to incorporate Appian AI into your application? We've got you covered with new Appian AI content that explains the numerous features included in the offering and some examples of how AI can enhance your application.

New Course! Query Data from a RDBMS

In this course, you’ll learn how to use the Query Editor to create and test queries.

New Course! Interfaces 103: Build Dynamic Interfaces

This course teaches new Appian Developers how to leverage interface patterns and work with advanced interface elements and components, including dynamic lists, dynamic links, conditional display, and editable grids.