What's New in Appian RPA 8.4?
This content applies solely to Appian RPA, which must be purchased separately from the Appian base platform.

This page describes what's available in this release of Appian RPA. Some capabilities may not be available if you're using an older version of the Appian platform.

Version 8.4 (Release date: 5 August 2022)

Delete old executions

If you have to troubleshoot issues with a robotic process, execution metadata is helpful. But if you have a large automation practice and you don't need that information anymore, it's just occupying disk space and potentially compromising performance.

In this release, you have more control over the robotic process data you retain. Developers can now configure how long to retain the details of a robotic process execution, as well as to remove all execution details or just artifacts. Enter the number of days you want to retain the data, and the information will be deleted once it reaches that limit.

By default, Appian retains artifacts and logs for each robotic process execution indefinitely. When the execution details are deleted, they're gone for good, freeing up disk space to ensure peak performance in the future.


Task recorder usability enhancements

With each release, we make it easier and faster for you to capture your interactions with the task recorder. This time, we've made some updates such as:

  • Adding tooltips to explain options on the screen more clearly.
  • Changing the list of browsers to only show those that are available to record in.
  • Showing you which application or browser you're currently recording in.
  • More responsive interactions.


Record remaining Windows interactions

Continuing the theme of making it faster and easier to automate tasks, we're happy to announce the task recorder supports more control types and interaction options within the Interact with element action for Windows applications:

  • Checkbox: Toggle
  • ComboBox: Expand, Collapse
  • Edit: Update value with password
  • ListItem: Select
  • Radio Button: Select
  • TabItem: Select
  • TreeItem: Select, Collapse, Expand


About Appian RPA releases and upgrades

Appian RPA is a feature of the Appian platform. RPA is released independently from the rest of the platform, and the latest version is applied to your site upon restart. This means you get access to new features, bug fixes, and improvements faster and more easily.

All RPA versions are backwards compatible with the Appian platform, so you aren't required to upgrade Appian any sooner than you want to. However, RPA feature availability may rely on feature availability in Appian. Therefore, if you're using an older version of the Appian platform, Appian RPA may not be able to take advantage of those features. In these cases, you may not have access to some of the latest features prior to upgrading Appian. Your robotic processes will continue to work with your current version of Appian.

We want to be clear when some of these features may require a more recent version of Appian. Where applicable, we'll note where certain features might not be available for older versions of Appian.

RPA support period

Appian regularly addresses bugs and other issues in RPA with hotfixes to the latest available version of RPA. For this reason, we encourage customers to plan to upgrade Appian RPA regularly to access these new features, bug fixes, and improvements faster.

You can use a particular version of Appian RPA until your site is restarted, at which point you'll be upgraded to the latest version. No matter what version of Appian RPA you're using, we encourage you to report issues so they can be addressed. Fixes and enhancements will be available in the latest available version of Appian RPA.

Documentation support period

Appian RPA documentation is available for six months after the version release date. Refer to the table below to learn more about release dates and documentation availability.

RPA Release Release Date Docs Removal Date
8.4 5 August 2022 5 February 2023
8.3 22 June 2022 22 December 2022
8.2 13 May 2022 13 November 2022
8.1 1 April 2022 1 October 2022
8.0 9 February 2022 9 August 2022
7.14 21 January 2022 21 July 2022
7.13 10 December 2021 10 June 2022
7.12 29 October 2021 29 April 2022
7.11 16 September 2021 16 March 2022
7.10 6 August 2021 6 February 2022
7.9 24 June 2021 24 December 2021
7.8 20 May 2021 20 November 2021
7.7 16 April 2021 16 October 2021
7.6 5 March 2021 5 September 2021
7.5 22 January 2021 22 July 2021
7.4 15 November 2020 15 May 2021

Find your Appian RPA release number

You can see your site's RPA version in the About Appian dialog. Both designers and system administrators can access this dialog at any time from the navigation menu.


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