Setting Up WhatsApp Using Twilio

ICC uses Twilio Programmable SMS for WhatsApp messaging service. This page walks you through the manual steps of setting up WhatsApp in Twilio to work with ICC.

Make sure you've already downloaded the ICC package.

This is an optional setup step if you are using ICC with Twilio and wish to leverage WhatsApp.

Appian Objects Used for Web Chat

The following are important Appian objects used for WhatsApp.

  • ICC_WS_TWIL_createSMSTask object is a Web API used to create the SMS task in the correct WhatsApp format.

Twilio WhatsApp Console Setup

  1. Create Facebook Business Manager ID.
  2. Request Twilio Numbers be enabled for WhatsApp.
    • Note: A Twilio Number and a Facebook Business Manager ID are needed for this step.
  3. Navigate to the WhatsApp Senders page in your Twilio Console.
    • From your Twilio workspace, select Programmable SMS.
    • Click WhatsApp.
    • Click Senders.
    • To create your first Business Profile, click the red plus + icon.
      • Note: A Twilio Number is needed for this step.

After your profile information is submitted, it will take Twilio five to ten days to process the request.

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