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Monitoring call center performance is essential to any call center organization. With the Reports Dashboard, you can uncover issues and find solutions that would otherwise be hidden, enabling the success of your call center.

This dashboard allows managers and other users to monitor agent performance and trend analysis. This page provides an overview of the layout and information in the Reports Dashboard.

Many of the metrics and filters can be modified. See Modifying Report Dashboard for more information on how to make modifications to this site.

The Report Dashboard site updates is comprised of two main reports:

  • The AGENT REPORT provides the following for each agent:
    1. Daily agent activity information (updates every 30 seconds).
    2. Historical agent performance data (updates every 10 minutes by default).


  • The QUEUE REPORT provides the following for each queue:
    1. Current activity (updates every 30 seconds).
    2. Historical metric information (updates every 10 minutes by default).


Agent Report

The AGENT REPORT is the default report that displays when a user opens the Report Dashboard.

The left side of the report contains a list of agents that is searchable by agent name or queue. The metrics are based on the activities that have happened during the current day and auto-refresh every 30 seconds. Each agent card includes the following metrics:

  1. Agent status, such as Available - Chat or Unavailable.
  2. Number of agent interactions.
  3. Average handle time (AHT).

These metrics are based on the current day.


Clicking on an agent card displays historical agent performance metrics for that agent on the right side of the Agent Report that can be filtered by HOUR, DAY, WEEK or MONTH. These metrics include:

  • Total Interactions
    • Voice
    • SMS
    • Chat
  • Average Handle Time
    • Voice
    • SMS
    • Chat
  • Average Talk Time
    • Average wrap-up time
  • Total Cases
    • Open cases
    • Closed cases

Below these metrics, a line graph displays that shows the trend of the average seconds that an interaction takes. This is calculated from the time a customer is connected to an agent to the completion of the wrap up.


The interaction counts are based on unique interactions. Any interaction that is a consult, conference, or direct transfer are not included.

Queue Report

Selecting the QUEUE REPORT tab displays data that is related to each queue. Two queues display by default. To modify the queue report to display more than two queues, see Modifying Report Dashboard.

The report automatically shows the data for all of the queues combined. To filter the data by a single queue, on the left side of the screen, select the desired queue.

Queue Report Selection

On the top-right of the report, the Current Activity box contains the following metrics for the selected queue:

  1. Available agents.
    • Voice
    • SMS
    • Chat
  2. Agents that are on an interaction.
    • Voice
    • SMS
    • Chat
  3. Agents that are wrapping up interactions.
    • Voice
    • SMS
    • Chat

Queue Report Current Activity

Below this is the All Metrics box. This box displays the following metrics broken up by Voice, SMS, and Chat. These metrics can be filtered by DAY, WEEK or MONTH.

  1. Interactions
    • Total
    • Short (less than 20 seconds)
    • Long (more than 15 minutes)
  2. Wait times
    • Average
    • Max
  3. Abandoned interactions (interaction where the customer leaves the queue before being picked up by an agent)
    • Total
    • Abandon rate

Additionally, a pie chart displays that shows a breakdown of the interactions and their reasons. These reasons are selected by an agent when they wrap up a call. The reasons available to agents at this step can be modified. See Modifying Agent Dashboard for instructions on how to update these values. report_queue_report_all_metrics_1.png

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