toemailaddress() Function

Converts a value to email address.


toemailaddress( value, … )

value: (Any Type) Value to convert.


Email Address


Can convert an email address Text.

When operating on arrays, it is not necessary to use apply with toemailaddress. If multiple parameters are passed, or one parameter is an Array, toemailaddress will return an Email Address Array.

The output can be converted to a value with an Email Recipient type for use in the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: field in the Setup tab of the Send E-Mail Smart Service.


toemailaddress("") returns as an Email Address type.

toemailaddress("","") and toemailaddress({"",""}) both return {,} as a List of Email Address type.

See Also

Send E-Mail Smart Service: Use this smart service to send an email to one or more recipients.

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