Hierarchy Browser Node (Tree) Component

This component is used within the Tree Browser Component.

For an interface recipe using the hierarchy browser tree, see the Contact Management application page. For more information on how the hierarchy browser tree works, see the detailed explanation.

Tree Browser Node

Function: a!hierarchyBrowserFieldTreeNode()

Returns a Tree Node, used in the Node Configurations parameter of the Tree Browser Component to determine how items in the hierarchy are displayed.


Name Keyword Type Description
Identifier id Any Type Required unique identifier of the node. This value only needs to be unique within the node's level.
Label label Text Required text to display in the node.
Description description Text Text to display below the node label.
Details details Text Text to display below the node description.
Image image Image Required image to display in the node, created with
Link link Array of Links Optional link to display in the node's label title. Create links with
Node is drillable isDrillable Boolean If true, clicking the node will drill into it, saving the tree browser's navigation path and revealing another level to the user. If false, clicking the node will not reveal another level, but the navigation path will still be saved (default: true).
Next Level Count nextLevelCount Integer Optional count of nodes that would be displayed in the next level were this node in the navigation path.
Visibility showWhen Boolean Determines whether the component is displayed on the interface. When set to false, the component is hidden and is not evaluated. Default: true.

You can see some of these terms and parameters labeled in the following screenshot.


  • A hierarchy browser tree node can only be displayed if passed to the Node Configurations parameter of the hierarchy browser tree.
  • The hierarchy browser tree component does not permit links in images in node configurations.
  • The variable fv!nodeValue is only available when the node is used in either the Node Configurations or Next Column Values parameters of the browser.
  • The Identifier field can be any value, but using long strings or large data types could cause performance problems. We recommended using a data type's primary key, if available.

For an example of how to configure a hierarchy browser tree node, see the example in the Tree Browser Component page.

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