Start Doc Extraction Smart Service


The Start Doc Extraction node allows you to start a document extraction run.

Activating this smart service in the process model initiates an asynchronous analysis run in Appian, and immediately returns a Doc Extraction ID. Next, the a!docExtractionStatus() function should be used to check the status of a run.

The Appian Document Extraction page walks you through how to use document extraction functionality together in a process model. See the following list for the other smart services and functions you need to use with the Start Doc Extraction Smart Service:


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  • Assignment Options: Attended

Configuration Options

This section contains tab configuration details specific to this smart service. For more information about common configurations see the Process Node Properties page.

Data Tab

This tab displays all the Node Inputs and Node Outputs for the Service Node. You can add additional inputs and outputs, if needed. The default inputs are:

Input Data Type Required Multiple
Runtime Document Runtime Document Yes No

Note: Appian supports PDF files. File size is limited to 15 pages or 7 MB.


Name Data Type Description
Document Extraction Id Integer The identifier of the doc extraction run.

After starting the doc extraction run, you should use the identifier with the a!docExtractionStatus() function to check the status of the run.

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