Cloud Insights


Cloud Insights is a service available to cloud customers that enables them to view key metrics and configuration information for their Appian Cloud environments via My Appian.

Cloud Insights can be accessed by going to the Health Tab of the Insights site and choosing the Cloud Resources subtab:

Health Tab


The Metrics report allows cloud customers to easily view metrics for their active cloud environments.

Metrics Report

Each series on a chart represents a single server for which the metric is independently collected. Each cloud environment can consist of one or more servers. Servers within an environment can be filtered out using the server dropdown after selecting an environment. Any set of environments can be saved as the default and will load automatically upon entering Cloud Insights.

Additional information for a metric, such as the metric definition and the significance of abnormal values, can be seen by clicking the Show Metric Info link above the metric chart.

Show Metric Info

Most metrics will update on a 5 minute interval. However, certain metrics such as Average CPU Utilization will update around every 60 minutes. Historical data for metrics is available for the last 180 to 365 days depending on the metric and can be accessed by setting the End Time filter in the Metrics interface.

Set End Time

Greater detail for each metric can be viewed by clicking and dragging on the chart in either a vertical or horizontal manner to zoom the chart into the selected window. Double-clicking on the chart will reset the vertical or horizontal zoom to the original position. Values for each individual data point on the chart can be viewed in the chart legend by hovering over the desired series with your mouse.

Zooming and Mouseover


The Environments report provides cloud customers with easy access to configuration information for their cloud environments such as Appian release, region, and allocated resources.

Environments Report

Each row in the grid represents a single server that belongs to a single cloud environment. Each cloud environment can consist of one or more servers. The grid can be filtered to contain only servers for one or more environments using the Environments dropdown.


The Cloud Environment Visualization section allows customers to visualize the connections from their Appian Cloud instances to their external resources.

Connectivity Report

A detailed breakdown of the information provided in the visualization can be found in Cloud Environment Visualization.

The VPN Configuration Details section shows you the configurations used for VPN connections configured on your Appian Cloud instances. It also allows you to add or modify a VPN connection from your Appian Cloud instances if you do not have one previously configured. See Self Service VPN Integration.

Self Service VPN

Frequently asked questions

Who can access Cloud Insights data?

The Cloud Insights data for an environment is only visible to authorized technical support contacts for the account the environment belongs to. Users who do not belong to the account for the environment and are not support contacts for the account will not be able to access Cloud Insights. Users must also have access to the Insights site to view Cloud Insights.

How can I grant a user access to Cloud Insights?

To grant access to Cloud Insights for a user, an existing support contact should open a support case on Appian Community to request that the new user be added as a support contact. If the user does not already have access to the Insights site, you should request access to the Insights site for them as well.

What browsers can I use with Cloud Insights?

Cloud Insights supports all browsers supported by the Appian product, however, we strongly recommend using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to ensure the best performance and experience.

Can I view data for environments undergoing maintenance?

Data is not available for environments that are undergoing maintenance and it can take up to 2 hours after an environment is available for the data to appear in Cloud Insights.

Does this replace Appian Cloud Monitoring for my environments?

Cloud Insights does not replace Appian Cloud Monitoring. Appian Support will continue to monitor your environments and notify you of any issues.

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