Appian AI

What is Appian AI?

Appian AI is a free and fast way for Appian customers to add artificial intelligence capabilities to any application built on the Appian Platform. Appian AI is included in the Appian Platform; additional charges may apply with increased levels of usage.

Appian ensures that all project structure, security, and storage needs are in place for each customer, with full tracking and traceability.

What services are included in Appian AI?

  • Google Cloud Document AI - extract table data and key/value pairs from PDF files.
  • Google Cloud Translate API - including Language Detection and Translation services.
  • Google Cloud Vision API - including Label Detection, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Enhanced OCR services.
  • Google Cloud Natural Language - including Entity Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Syntax Analysis, and Content Classification services.
  • Google Cloud AutoML Natural Language - build and deploy custom machine learning models that analyze and categorize documents.
    • Note: Google Cloud AutoML only works with buckets that are configured to use either the us-central1 region or eu multi-region location. See the bucket requirements in the Google documentation for more information.
  • Google Cloud Storage in support of these services.

In addition, Appian is providing low-friction start-up and immediate access for all customers. As well, full Google Console administration and management is done by Appian.

How do I get access to Appian AI?

  1. Complete your customer agreement including Appian AI
  2. That's it! Appian will send you a link to the License Management section of Appian Community with more information

Note: For existing customers, contact your Appian Account Executive to opt-in to Appian AI.

How do I use Appian AI?

Once you have access to your Appian AI credentials, you are ready to create Appian objects to consume these services.

Appian provides easy configuration using connected systems and integrations. We provide several connected systems out of the box, and more are available in the AppMarket.

Available in Appian

Once you have identified the AI service and connected system you would like you use, create a connected system by following these steps.

The connected system will have credential fields that you will fill from your AI credentials.


Security and Privacy

For details, see Google Cloud Security:

Learn more about how Appian and Google protect your data as it moves through the Intelligent Document Processing application.

Data Policy

Details for each service's Data Usage, SLA, Release Notes, and Support are available from Google here:

Google AI Region

Appian will set up your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project in the closest GCP region available.

For details, see

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