This release introduces design features and enhancements that empower you to build applications with speed and confidence.

Records Power

Your business data is more than just rows in a table; it represents the intersection of people and process, which is why Appian Records allow you to capture that greater understanding–not just the data schema. In this release, we further capitalize on this unique approach, letting you work with a better version of your data.

Extract More Data from Your Documents

We continue to add more options and built-in power to our intelligent document extraction capabilities! This release introduces some of the most requested enhancements, including support for table and checkbox data extraction. We also continue to enhance the reconcile interface to make it easier to use.

Automate Post-Deployment Workflows

We know that after your application is deployed, there’s still more to do–whether it’s running tests, managing your users and groups, or kicking off a workflow in another system. These steps can now be automated through a process model that initiates once your direct deployment finishes. You can configure the process to do what you need instead of manually performing these steps, helping you to save time, avoid mistakes, and customize the deployment process to your organization’s needs.

Check out the latest updates to documentation and training content.

Understanding libraries in Appian RPA

Check out an in-depth description of libraries in Appian RPA. We cover the types of libraries, why you should use libraries, and how to deploy them to your code repository.

New Course! Query Data from a RDBMS

In this course, you’ll learn how to use the Query Editor to create and test queries.

New Course! Interfaces 103: Build Dynamic Interfaces

This course teaches new Appian Developers how to leverage interface patterns and work with advanced interface elements and components, including dynamic lists, dynamic links, conditional display, and editable grids.