Get Robot History

POST: /oo/robot/history

This method returns the list of modifications made on a robotic process for the specified date range. If no date range is specified, it returns all modifications.

If a robotic process has never been modified, this method will return an empty list in the output field historyList. This means that the date of creation is never returned as it's not persisted as a history record.

Input parameters

Field "dateRange" refers to "update time" of the robotic process. Update time tells us when a robot has been modified. robotName must be specified in order to retrieve its history.

Parameter Example Comments
dateRange.start 1461457843868 Date and time expressed in UNIX epoch time (milliseconds)
dateRange.end 1561457843866 Date and time expressed in UNIX epoch time (milliseconds)
robotName "testRobot" Required field

Output (if "invocationResult" is "OK")

The following attributes are provided in the result.historyList key.

Attribute Example Comments
robotName "testRobot" Robotic process that was modified
username "admin" Username of person who modified the robotic process
lastModified 1569334342000 Date and time the robotic process was modified, expressed in UNIX epoch time (milliseconds)

Possible reasons for unsuccessful events (if "invocationResult" is "KO")


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