Get Resource List

POST: /oo/node/list

Gets the status of all the resources for a specific time.

Input parameters

Parameter Example Comments
No input parameters - -

Output (if "invocationResult" is "OK")

The following attributes are provided in the result.nodes key.

Attribute Example Comments
name "abbyy-planet#1" Internal name of the resource
id "5da9a68106931e0e1d1246b6" Unique id of the resource
customName "Resource 1" Human readable name for the resource
labels "linux" Permission tags assigned to the resource
lastIp "" Last IP from agent connection
connected true Indicates if the resource is connected or not
lastAliveTime 1569499279778 Timestamp of the last communication received, date range filters for this attribute.
plugged false Indicates if the resource is plugged or not
monitored false Indicates if the resource is monitored or not
paused false Indicates if the resource is paused or not
controlled false Indicates if the resource is controlled by Remote Viewer
endContract true -
upgradeAvailable true Indicates if there's an upgrade available in the Console
running Robot-name + number Identifier of the current execution on the resource

Possible reasons for unsuccessful events

("invocationResult" is "KO")


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