Get Queue Items List

POST: /oo/queue/items

This method returns the list of items from a queue, specified either by queueId or queueName, or from all queues if no queueId or name are specified. If both queueId and name are set, queueId will be used.

If a date range is specified, the items to return must meet the following conditions:

  • The item must have already been processed.
  • The item must have been updated for the last time inside the specified range.

Input parameters

Parameter Example Comments
dateRange.start 1461457843868 Date expressed in UNIX epoch time (milliseconds)
dateRange.end 1561457843866 Date expressed in UNIX epoch time (milliseconds)
queueId "5cf8ec2adeac351a6604fd71" Optional queue id to search for
queueName "queue with files" Optional queue name to search for

Output (if "invocationResult" is "OK")

The following attributes are provided in the result.items key.

Attribute Example Comments
id 5cf8ec61deac351a6604fd74 Internal id of the queue item
key key number 3 Key
queueId 5cf8ec2adeac351a6604fd71 Queue id to which the item belongs
queueName queue with files Queue name to which the item belongs
reference null -
reference.state PENDING Item's state. Possible values are DISABLED, PENDING, IN_PROCESS, FINISHED_OK, FINISHED_WARN
duration 3334 Duration in milliseconds
lastExecutionResult - Array of data including details about the robotic process to last execute the queue and item, described below. null Internal id for the executed robotic process
lastExecutionResult.robotName "5e4a72abe18edacba723b298" Robotic process name, immutable since creation
lastExecutionResult.robotCustomName "robot-developmentguide-queues-search" Robotic process human-readable name
lastExecutionResult.robotId "5e4a72abe18edacba723b299" Unique id for the executed robotic process
lastExecutionResult.executionNumber 1 Execution number
lastExecutionResult.executionId "3" Execution id
lastExecutionResult.itemIndex 2 Item index in this execution
lastExecutionResult.itemKey "jidoka" Item key
lastExecutionResult.itemResult "OK" Result
lastExecutionResult.itemSubResult null Sub-result
lastExecutionResult.itemSubResultText null Sub-result in text format
lastExecutionResult.itemResultDetail "jidoka" Result details in text format "Time required": "0.33", "Number of results":"315000" Map of properties associated with the execution
lastExecutionResult.currentTimeMillis 1586870440301 Time the queue items was processes, expressed in UNIX epoch time
lastExecutionResult.duration 3334 Duration in milliseconds
lastExecutionResult.testing false Boolean indicating whether this execution was a test
remainingAttempts 4 Number of remaining attempts
priority NORMAL Queue priority, possible values are HIGHEST, HIGHER, HIGH, NORMAL, LOW, LOWER, and LOWEST
executionResults "5cf8eef7deac351a6604fdcd", "5cf8ee7edeac351a6604fdbb" List of executions where this queue item was processed
functionalData "b": "amarillo" Functional data associated with the queue item
labels - Permissions for this queue item
lastUpdatedTimestamp 1561457843866 Date expressed in UNIX epoch time (milliseconds)
createdTimestamp 1461457843868 Date expressed in UNIX epoch time (milliseconds)
lastNodeName Machine 1 Name of the resource where the last execution occurred
lastNodeId 5cf8ee2cdeac351a6604e01 ID of the resource where the last execution occurred

Possible reasons for unsuccessful events

("invocationResult" is "KO")


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