Integration SDK Overview

The Integration SDK gives developers two ways to extend Appian's low-code integration capabilities: Connected System Plug-ins and Component Plug-ins.

Regardless of your role, the SDK provides great benefits:

  • For vendors: Create branded, low-code integrations to your platform and ship them with your logo in the Appian AppMarket.
  • For partners: Deliver Appian solutions that feature compelling user interfaces and integrations that are easier for designers to modify and extend.
  • For teams: Handle complex design challenges to deliver on unique customer requirements.

Connected System Plug-ins

Appian comes with many connected systems that make it easy to integrate with enterprise systems and services using a tailored point-and-click design experience. The Integration SDK gives developers the ability to bring that same low-code experience to backend integrations with additional platforms.

For more information, see Connected System Plug-ins.

Component Plug-ins

Appian has a fantastic array of components that can be used to build beautiful and powerful user interfaces. The Integration SDK lets developers create new components that can bring the power of other systems right into the Appian interface.

For more information, see Component Plug-ins.

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