What's New with IDP?


The latest version of the Intelligent Document Processing application is version 1.1. See Upgrading IDP for instructions on how to upgrade your application to the most recent version.

Customers may need to use a more recent version of IDP (IDP v1.1.1) when upgrading to new version of Appian. Visit the Downloads page for your version of Appian for an updated IDP package.

What's new in Version 1.1?

We've enhanced IDP to be able to bypass classification for a document channel so that IDP can be tailored for teams who only need extraction.

Configure an Extraction-only document channel

When users of IDP configure a document channel, they can now choose whether to configure the channel as a Classification and Extraction document channel or as an Extraction-only document channel. If Classification and Extraction is selected, the configuration will include steps to upload example documents and train the machine learning model.

New option for bypassing classification

If Extraction is selected, there is no need to upload example documents or wait for the machine learning model to train! The channel will be ready as soon as configuration is complete.

Configuration complete

You can toggle a document channel between Classification and Extraction and Extraction-only at any time.

Download IDP

IDP is available as an add-on for Appian 20.1 and later:

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