What's New with ICC

Welcome to the release notes for the Intelligent Contact Center! Here you can learn about the latest changes and improvements.

March 27, 2020

We've enhanced the ICC solution to allow agents to be available for multiple channels and to allow them to handle multiple interactions at the same time. To achieve this capability a new multi-interaction component was created to work with Twilio or Genesys Engage. These capabilities have been designed with contact center best practices in mind and allow agents to complete these features with fewer button clicks.

Multiple Channel Availability

With the most recent update, agents can now make themselves available for multiple channels. A new availability component for Twilio and Genesys allows agents to make themselves available in multiple channels at one time. This allows agents to handle multiple digital channels, allowing them to use their time more efficiently.

The availability icons will be blue when selected meaning the agent is available for selected channel or unavailable.

Handle Multiple Interactions

The solution was also updated to allow agents to handle multiple interactions at a time. A new interaction controls component for Twilio and Genesys provides agents a way to perform necessary interaction handling when they are on a live or digital interaction. Agents can work on their case work or other off-interaction work while waiting for an interaction without switching between systems or screens.

They will be able to handle multiple chats and/or SMS. This increases your agent's productivity. While waiting for one customer to respond they can be working with another customer or working on case work. When a new interaction arrives, a new tab will open for the interaction on the agent desktop. This allows the agent to quickly switch between interactions without losing updates or work related to each interaction.

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