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The topics in this section detail the setup and configuration instructions for Appian's Robotic Workforce Manager (RWM) application. The Robotics Workforce Manager (RWM) package is available as a single downloadable file Robotic Workforce This file contains code snippets that are required to run on Appian.

These pages detail the instructions to configure Appian RPA, UiPath, and Blue Prism.

RWM relies on a set of bundled plugins that Appian supports as part of the application. Support for use of these plugins in other scenarios is provided by the Appian community in accordance with AppMarket guidelines.

Limitations and Known Issues

  • While starting or scheduling a process from Appian, users cannot pass collections and complex data types.
  • The default timezone for Blue Prism's database is GMT. Additional configurations will be required if it is in a different time zone.
  • For automatic case routing, the current version of RWM supports exceptions that are triggered within each work item in a queue. The application does not support exceptions that are triggered at the session level in this release.
  • Currently, the Blue Prism schedules configured with the option run on the first/last working day in a <calendar> will always be shown in Appian's calendar to run on the selected Start On date of every month. The last day cannot be shown.
  • Text and paragraph fields do not support emojis and -.
  • RWM supports Blue Prism version 6.4+ for previous versions. Additional customizations and configuration may be needed.
  • When requesting a new automation, the following special characters should not be used in the name: \/;:"|?'><*.
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