Archiving Configuration

Note that archiving is only available in RWM version 4.0.2.

Automations are designed to realize efficiencies in routine processes that take place over a long period of time. But the longer an automation is in place, the more data there is to manage.

Archiving data for large-scale automation and RPA practices is an important facet in managing such data over months or years. You can archive data in Robotic Workforce Manager (RWM) for large tables with hundreds of thousands or even millions of rows. A well implemented data archival process can improve RWM’s performance and protect data retention.

This page describes the RWM tables that are automatically archived, as well as instructions on how you can configure archiving.

Archived Tables

Every seven days, RWM will check to see if the data in the following tables should be archived. If the data is older than the timeframe set in the RWM_DAYS_BEFORE_ARCHIVING constant, it will be moved to tables that will store the archived data. The default timeframe for this constant is 180 days.


After the timeframe set in the RWM_DAYS_BEFORE_DELETING_ARCHIVED_DATA constant, the archived data that is stored in the following tables will be deleted. The default timeframe for this constant is 180 days.


Configuring Archiving

An Appian administrator can configure these constants to set archiving behavior:

  • RWM_IS_ARCHIVING_ON - Determines whether archiving is on in the application. The default value is false.
  • RWM_ARCHIVAL_PROCESS_RUNNING_TIME - The time of day that the archiving process runs weekly. The default value is 1:00 am GMT.
  • RWM_IS_ARCHIVED_DATA_DELETION_ON - Determines whether archival data is deleted after the configured time frame. The default value is false.
  • RWM_DAYS_BEFORE_ARCHIVING - The number of days data remains in their respective tables before they are archived. The default value is 180 days.
  • RWM_DAYS_BEFORE_DELETING_ARCHIVED_DATA - The number of days that data stays in the archive before deletion. The default value is 180 days.
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