fixed() Function

Rounds the specified number off to a certain number of decimals and returns it as text, with optional commas.


fixed( number, [decimals], [no_commas] )

number: (Decimal) The number that the fixed function will prepare for display.

decimals: (Number) The number of digits after the decimal that will be maintained. 2 by default.

no_commas: (Boolean) Enter false to display commas, true to hide them. False by default.




You can experiment with this function in the test box below.

Test Input

fixed(7.36819) returns 7.37

fixed(7.36819, 3) returns 7.368

fixed(7.36819, 4) returns 7.3682

fixed(7000.36819, 4) returns 7,000.3682

fixed(7000.36819, 4, true) returns 7000.3682

fixed(7000.36819, 4, 0) returns 7,000.3682

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