dollar() Function

Converts a decimal number into a dollar value by effectively adding a dollar sign ($), a decimal point, and optional comma for every three digits preceding the decimal.) and one comma (,) for every three digits preceding the decimal.


dollar( number, [decimals], [no_commas] )

number: (Decimal) The number of dollars to be returned as text decimals.

decimals (Optional): (Decimal) The number of digits after the decimal to display, 2 by default.

no_commas (Optional): (Integer) A flag value indicating whether commas are used as number separators. It accepts 0 or 1. The default value is 0.


Text number


When the value for no_commas is 0, the dollar value displays a comma separator between every three and four digits that precede the decimal, when the number contains four or more digits before the decimal.

When the value for no_commas is 1, the dollar value is not separated by commas.

When displaying this value, you must use text formatting.


You can experiment with this function in the test box below.

Test Input

dollar(3213.43) returns $3,213.43

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