weeknum() Function

Returns the week number within the year for the given date using a given methodology.


weeknum( date, [methodology] )

date: (Date) The date for which the week number will be determined.

methodology: (Integer) Controls what day is the first of the week with 1 correlating with the week beginning on Sunday and 2 correlating with the week beginning on Monday. The default value of methodology is 1.



1 is returned for any week that contains January 1st.


  • The last days of the year will return 1 if the first day of the next year is within the same calendar week. For example, the date December 31, 2021 is on a Friday, so this will return 1 because the date January 1, 2022 is on the Saturday of that week.


You can experiment with this function in the test box below.

Test Input

weeknum(date(2011,12,13)) returns 51

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