calworkdays() Function

This returns the actual number of work days between two Date and Times (both inclusive), according to the calendar defined for the system.


calworkdays( start datetime, end datetime, [calendar name] )

start_datetime: (Date and Time) The starting Date and Time.

end_datetime: (Date and Time) The ending Date and Time.

calendar_name: (Text) This optional parameter accepts the name of a system calendar; otherwise, the default calendar is used.




Passing a calendar name allows you to count working days using an alternate system calendar, if you have multiple calendars configured.

See also: Process Calendar Settings


You can experiment with this function in the test box below.

Test Input

calworkdays(datetime(2011,12,13,12,0,0),datetime(2011,12,20,12,0,0)) returns 6

If you want to calculate the total number of days in between two dates (including weekends, holidays, and other designated non-working days) you don't need to use this function. Simply subtract date 1 from date 2, as in the following example:

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