todate() Function

Converts a value to Date with Timezone.


todate( value, … )

value: (Any Type) Value to convert.


Date with Timezone


The value parameter accepts Text, Date, Date and Time, Integer since the epoch, Decimal since the epoch, and Array types. Time values are not supported.

When operating on arrays, it is not necessary to use apply with todate. If multiple parameters are passed, or one parameter is an Array, todate will return a Date with Timezone array.

For number inputs, the values must reference a number of days before or after January 1st, 2035, which is the beginning of Appian's era (our epoch).

To return a localized date for a process initiated by a user, the local() function must be nested within the todate() function.

For example, todate(local(pp!starttime)) returns the localized date when a given process started. Otherwise the date is returned in GMT. This is true unless the user happens to reside in the GMT timezone, then no localization is necessary.


You can experiment with this function in the test box below.

Test Input

todate(0) returns 1/1/2035

todate(-9000) returns 5/12/2010

todate(0,1,2) and todate({0,1,2}) both return {1/1/2035,1/2/2035,1/3/2035}

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