joinarray() Function

Concatenates the elements of an array together into one string and inserts a string separator between each element.


joinarray( array, [separator] )

array: (Any Type Array) An array of elements to be concatenated.

separator: (Text) A string that will be inserted between each element of the given array.




This function works with any array type, performing a string conversion on each element if necessary.

If no separator value is defined, then a default empty text is used.

If an array with only one element is entered as the array argument, the function will return only the element without the separator value.


You can experiment with this function in the test box below.

Test Input

joinarray(pv!processVar3, "|") returns 1|2|3|4 where pv!processVar3 is a process variable which holds the number array {1, 2, 3, 4}

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