Configuring User Management Default Settings

The following Appian User Manager (Personalization) settings can be configured in a file saved in the following directory: <APPIAN_HOME>/conf/

Property Description Name of the application. This sets the initial page results size for the User, Group, and Group Type Directories as well as My Groups, and all Group and User search's (for Member, for Admin, for Group parent) initial results. This setting configures the default group type selected in the List Group Types. To modify, type in the name of the group type. To list all group types as default, leave the field blank. The name of the SMTP server used to send email messages. System Group constant. This is a group that should be filtered from the Groups interface view. This property is set to WorkflowDefaultRole by default. System Group Type constant. This is a group type that should be filtered out from the Groups interface view. It is set to Workflow Privilege Groups by default. If set to false, user/group searches are *not* case-sensitive. If set to true, user/group searches are case-sensitive. Set to false by default.
See also: Create a New User The number of Groups that can be added to My Groups is limited to this amount. Set to 20 by default. This sets the initial number of Groups shown per page for My Groups. Set to 10 by default.
conf.suite.ID=0 The User ID generated for the root (Administrator) user account.
conf.suite.IMAGE_FOLDER_ID=0 ID of the folder where images uploaded for user profiles are stored. Default value of `0` stores them in a folder in the System Knowledge Center. If configured for another folder, the folder must have low security.
conf.suite.OLD_USERNAME_EXPIRATION The time, in seconds, after a update of a username, for which the old username remains valid.
server.conf.personalization.personal_group_names_unique Do personal group names need to be unique? 1=yes, 0=no. Set to 0 by default.
server.conf.personalization.public_group_names_unique Do public group names need to be unique? 1=yes, 0=no. Set to 1 by default.
server.conf.personalization.restricted_group_names_unique Do restricted group names need to be unique? 1=yes, 0=no. Set to 1 by default.

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