CleanupArchives Script


As the Appian engines checkpoint, they create new .kdb files with more recent copies of the engine's data. The old .kdb files are then moved to the /services/data/archived directory. If unchecked, the files in this archive directory would consume an ever-increasing amount of disk space. The cleanupArchives script removes older archive .kdb files, leaving only a specified number of them on the disk.

This script should be run periodically and automatically via a job scheduler, like cron, or as a Windows Scheduled Task. It should run at least once per day but possibly more often if you checkpoint frequently and/or have little available free disk space on your server.


<APPIAN_HOME>/services/bin/ (.bat)


Short Name Long Name Required Meaning
-h --help No Show usage information
-k --keep Yes Number of existing files to keep

For troubleshooting purposes, if the amount of available disk space on your server allows, Appian recommends using a value of at least 2 for the --keep option.


./ --keep 2
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