This release introduces design enhancements and powerfully integrates robotic process automation and machine learning with Appian.

Introducing Appian RPA

No one likes busy work – so give it to a robotic process instead! This release introduces Appian's robotic process automation (RPA) integrated solution. RPA lets your workforce focus on more complex tasks and let computers handle the rest.

Extract data from documents with machine learning

Data transcription can be time-consuming and error-prone. Appian's new document extraction features use Google's Cloud Document AI to extract the information you need. As you reconcile the data, the AI learns from its mistakes, resulting in a more precise output of structured data.

Enhanced Record design and viewing

Designing records gets even better in 20.1. Open related actions in the same window, enhance record styling with background headers, and put actions anywhere with a new component. Users can also save their chosen record filters for quick access.

Check out the latest updates to documentation and training content.

New Solutions Versioning

In order for us to show you the most accurate content, all solutions that have multiple versions now include a solution version dropdown menu that is separate from the product version selection.

New Robotic Process Automation Learning Path

With the release of Appian RPA, we've created a new learning path specifically for developing robotic processes (bots). The knowledge you gain from this learning path, combined with your Java skills, will enable you to build bots to automate your business processes.

New UX Design Course

In our new UX design course, you'll learn why UX design is so valuable to your application, how to plan and get feedback on your interface designs, and learn best practices for working with interface layouts and components.