Pie Charts

Pie charts should only be used to represent data that can be placed into distinct categories and should not consist of more than 5 or 6 slices.

Always sort the data values in ascending or descending order and include value and category labels for the slices.



Bar Charts

Use bar charts for direct comparison of data or to show data over time when the number of time intervals is small.

Sort columns in systematic order, either by size of value or by sequential categories (e.g. sorting by year).



Don't use multiple pie charts when comparing multiple sets of data

Line Charts

Line charts are best used for presenting data over time and are more effective than bar charts for presenting many data points.

Conventionally, the x-axis contains the categories of time, and the y-axis the frequencies of the measured data.



Charts with more than 5 lines tend to be confusing unless the lines are well separated

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