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Welcome to the Intelligent Contact Center (ICC) documentation. These topics will help you transform your contact center with an innovative solution that enables you to quickly deliver an integrated customer experience across channels and customer touchpoints.

The New Reality for Customer Engagement

New customer expectations across all facets of engagement are challenging how traditional contact centers operate. Pressure is building to optimize customer experience, improve agent productivity, and deliver on strategic business initiatives.

But, the market conditions are changing and organizations have to be prepared to embrace:

  • The growing complexity and number of communication channels
  • New and evolving regulatory compliance requirements
  • Disruptive technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Forward thinking leaders are leveraging technology to transform their operations into Intelligent Contact Centers, redefining the customer experience—and business value they bring to the organization. Read the full whitepaper for insight into how organizations are building next generation contact center applications.

The Appian Intelligent Contact Center Solution

Transform your contact center with an innovative solution that enables you to quickly deliver an integrated customer experience across channels and customer touchpoints.

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Omni-Channel Engagement

Turn multi-channel support into a true omni-channel environment by integrating voice, chat, SMS, email, social media, and co-browsing into a single interface. Provide agents a comprehensive view of the customer journey, create rewarding experiences, and cultivate lasting customer loyalty.

Dynamic Case Management

Achieve a single, consistent view of the customer and support high-end problem solving for complex interactions. Use case management to unify the interactions between people, process, data, and content. Here, a powerful interface allows agents to provide accurate information and reach resolution faster.

Intelligent Automation

Automate work, orchestrate processes, integrate systems, and apply business rules with key technologies like Business Process Management (BPM), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Agents are supported by robotics and coached by artificial intelligence, allowing them to focus on advising customers, delivering personalized offers, and pursuing upsell opportunities.

Low-Code Cloud Platform

When speed-to-market and compliance are critical, adopting a cloud strategy with a low-code application development platform is essential. Build applications that meet security, confidentiality, and compliance controls, while accelerating time for deployment—and in turn, time-to-value for the contact center.

The Appian Intelligent Contact Center makes it easy for organizations to build next generation contact center applications that increase customer engagement, improve agent efficiency, and deliver strategic business impact. Visit our resource center to find out more.

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Getting Started

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