urlforrecord() Function

This function allows you to return the URLs for one or more records or a record list view that can then be used in a link component.


urlforrecord( recordType, [recordIds] )


recordType: (RecordType) The record type constant of the record(s).

recordIds: (Any Type Array) The identifiers of the record(s) to return URLs for.


Text Array


The user executing the function must have at least viewer rights to the record type or the expression will fail and an error will occur. They do not need to have viewer rights to the record(s).

For a process model record type, the recordIds value is the process Id. For a data store entity record type, it is the primary key for the entity.

If the recordIds value is null or empty, the function returns the URL for the record list view of the recordType value record type.

If the record type for the recordType value does not exist, the expression will fail and an error will occur.

If a user does not have at least viewer rights to the record or record type in the returned URL, the user will see an error when trying to open the URL.


You can copy and paste these examples into the Expression Rule Designer to see how this works.

NOTE: Since record type constants are specific to each system, this example will not evaluate in your Test Rules interface. Use it only as a reference.

URL for a Single Record

urlforrecord(cons!myrecordtype, "7") returns "https://records.appian.com/suite/tempo/records/item/lEBSrlhKCqg69HAu5p42M3632RnTYq-d5AqIKaBom7sLiFvJOSzpARyM-kd7KgN-8MOapw8znEfVTQBBN2Qnr-ZrMF7tmb3PDA6qF3LnSzTO5o/view/summary"

URLs for Multiple Records

urlforrecord(cons!myrecordtype, {"7","8") returns {"https://records.appian.com/suite/tempo/records/item/lEBSrlhKCqg69HAu5p42M3632RnTYq-d5AqIKaBom7sLiFvJOSzpARyM-kd7KgN-8MOapw8znEfVTQBBN2Qnr-ZrMF7tmb3PDA6qF3LnSzTO5o/view/summary", "https://records.appian.com/suite/tempo/records/item/lEBSrlhKCqg69HAu5p42M3632RnTYq-d5AqIKaBom7sLiFvJOSzpARyM-kd7KgN-8MOapw8znEfVTQBB92QKQVUVC4xY-d68bk8oOb1HICAjKA/view/summary"}

URL for a Record Type

urlforrecord(cons!myrecordtype,null) returns "https://records.appian.com/suite/tempo/records/type/V1muDw/view/all"

See Also

RecordType: Use this data type to indicate the record type for the record(s) you want URLs for.

Link Component: Add the returned URL to this component to display a link to the record detail view or record list view.

Records Tutorial: Shows you how to create your first record.

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