numontimetasksforprocessmodel() Function

Returns the number of tasks in process instances of the specified process model that are currently on time (if the task is still active) or were completed on time.


numontimetasksforprocessmodel( processModelId, [includeSubProcessData] )

processModelId: (Integer) The Id number of the process model.

includeSubProcessData: (Boolean) Controls whether data from sub-processes are included in the count.




Tasks without a deadline are also counted.

The current user must hold at least viewer rights for the specified process model, in order to execute this function.

Deleted and archived process instances are not counted.

If you do not provide a value for the includeSubProcessData parameter, the default value is taken from the current context or set to false if no sub-processes available.

For example, if the function is used on a Web Content with Process Details Channel and the channel's context includes sub-processes, these sub-processes are included by default.


You can copy and paste these examples into the Expression Rule Designer to see how this works.

numontimetasksforprocessmodel(processModelId,true) returns 147

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