Group Types

Group types allow you to organize your groups in different categories and associate certain metadata with a group.



Each group type has the following properties:

Property Name Description
Name The name that is used when referencing the group type. This name can also be returned when querying the groupTypeName property using the group() function.
Description Supplemental information about the group type that is displayed in the application contents grid.
Attributes Additional metadata that can be configured about the groups of this type.

All group type properties are configured through the Properties dialog. It can be accessed in one of two ways:

  • From the toolbar in Appian Designer images:Group_Type_Properties_from_Toolbar.png
  • From the gear menu when viewing a group type images:Group_Type_Properties_from_Gear_Menu.png

Group Type Attributes

Attributes are custom fields that provide additional information about groups of that type. This allows you to further differentiate groups from each other and use the associated metadata throughout your application.

Some types of attributes require each group within the group type to have a value. Attributes of that type require a default value to be set when adding the attribute.

Attribute Data Types

Group type attributes can be of the following types:

Type Value Required
Boolean Yes
Date Yes
Group No
Number (Decimal) Yes
Number (Integer) Yes
Text Yes
User No

Configuring Attributes

Once an attribute has been added to a group type, its configuration cannot be edited. Attributes can be removed by the creator of the group type or by a system administrator.

Creating Groups

When viewing a group type, you can create a new group of that type using the New Group button in the toolbar. The Group Type configuration will automatically be defaulted to the current group type.


A group type does not have individual security settings. Designers and system administrators can perform the following actions on any group type:

Actions Designer System Administrator
Create a group type Yes Yes
View a group type Yes Yes
Edit name No1 Yes
Edit description No1 Yes
Add new attributes No1 Yes
Remove attributes No1 Yes
Create groups of this type Yes Yes
  1. Designers can perform these actions if they originally created the group type  2 3 4

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