Paging Grid Text Column Component

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The Paging Grid Text Column Component has been deprecated.

Text Column

Function: a!gridTextColumn()

Displays a column of text within a paging grid. To display text in an editable grid, use a text component.


Name Keyword Type Description
Label label Text Name to display for the column heading.
Field field Text Name of the field that populates the column. Stored into Paging and Selection Value when the user clicks on the column label. A sort indicator displays on the column when its Field argument matches pagingInfo.sort[1].field.
Data data Text Array Array of valid text values to display in the column.
Alignment alignment Text Desired alignment for the label and data values within the column. Valid values are "LEFT", "CENTER", and "RIGHT".
Links links Array of Links Array of values that determine the links to display. Create links with
Visibility showWhen Boolean Determines whether the component is displayed on the interface. When set to false, the component is hidden and is not evaluated. Default: true.


  • The Links array corresponds to the Data array. If no link is provided for the data point, that point is displayed as plain text.
  • The Field parameter determines whether a sort indicator displays for that column. If the data is sorted by that value, but the Field parameter is null, the sort indicator will not display.


This example needs to be used with the a!gridField() function for it to display anything. Examples that you can see in action are available in the Grid Field section.

  label: "Title",
  data: {"Director", "Analyst", "Software Engineer", "Sales", "Sales"},
  alignment: "LEFT"
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