Folder Hierarchies in Appian Designer


For a more unified designer experience, the design and management of objects and their parent folders can be accomplished all from Appian Designer.

Hierarchical View

Designers can toggle between a flat or hierarchical view of their objects within the Application view or the Objects view. By default, the view is flat and displays all objects. Switching to the hierarchical view will display only the top-level objects and hide the rest, so that you can more easily navigate folder hierarchies. This toggle is located in the upper right-hand corner above the objects list:


Folder Views

Designers can click on folders anywhere in Appian Designer to open them and view their contents, often inline.

The following objects have their own folder views in Appian Designer:

  • Document Folder
  • Knowledge Center
  • Process Model Folder
  • Rule Folder


Each folder view has the same capabilities as other object grids in Appian Designer: search, sort, and filtering by object type and modified date. Additionally, functionality has been added specifically to improve common folder workflows:

  1. Folders can be viewed within an application, or from the All Objects page in Appian Designer.
  2. The current folder is auto-populated as the parent folder when creating new objects to save you time.
  3. Creation and filtering options are automatically limited to the object types available in the specific folder type that is being viewed.
  4. Similar to the Precedents and Dependents views, object names in the grid and breadcrumbs are styled to indicate when they are in the current application or not.
  5. The Move toolbar option allows you to move objects between folders easily.
  6. The More toolbar menu option allows you to take object-specific actions on your currently selected items. The actions available in the menu will vary based on the contents of the folder.

Within a folder view, the breadcrumbs display the names of all folders above the current folder in the same hierarchy; you can click on a folder in the breadcrumbs to load its contents in the same view. The folder itself also has a gear menu containing the relevant operations available, such as viewing its properties or moving it to another parent folder, as shown below.


In addition to the items mentioned above, each folder view has its own specific functionality related to its use in Appian. Learn more on the document management page.

Process Model Folder Considerations

When configuring process model folder security, the following behaviors will apply to the process models and sub-folders within them.

Actions Administrator Editor Viewer Deny
View the Folder Yes Yes Yes No
Create Sub-folders Yes Yes No No
Update Process Models in the Folder * Yes Yes No No
Modify Folder Security Yes No No No
Delete the Folder Yes No No No
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