Feeds Catalog

The catalog allows you to unsubscribe and resubscribe to categories of events (feeds) that are published to the News Feed.

Each event that is published to the News Feed is listed within a feed, but the application designers select whether or not they want to make the feed available in the catalog for general subscription. Only feeds from published applications are listed.

Selecting Feeds from the Catalog

  • In the News Feed select the Settings link in the right navigation.
    • The Catalog is displayed.
    • Available feeds for published events are listed, grouped by application.
    • A checkmark appears next to feeds that are subscribed.
  • Click all to resubscribe to all feeds. — or —
  • Click Personalized to only resubscribe to feed events that are designated for groups you belong to.
    • Application designers must select a personalizedFeedGroup to enable the additional filtering to take place.
    • A person appears next to feed subscriptions that you want to have personalized.

Removing Feeds Catalog Subscriptions

  • In the Catalog, when viewing the feed you want to remove, click Unsubscribe.

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