You can include feeds in an application that enable users to stay current with process milestones and other important process-driven events.

When users subscribe to these feeds, any feed entry associated with them shows up in their personal News feed.

  • When a feed is published with an application, only users with at least Viewer rights to the application are able to subscribe to it through the feeds catalog.

When you create a feed, it also becomes available for use in the Post Event and Post System Event smart services.

  • You must create a feed in order to publish an event or system event to the News feed.
  • All users targeted in the Viewer Group of the smart service can see the event or system event in their News feed regardless of their rights to the associated application.
  • Users can subscribe/unsubscribe to a feed through the event or system event feed entry on the News feed.

See also: Application Security

Creating a Feed

Feeds are intended to help users subscribe to topics of interest on the News Feed. You must create a feed in order to publish events on the News Feed.

  • In an application, use the New menu to select Feed.
  • Type the Name of the feed.
  • (Optional) Type the Description of the feed.
  • (Optional) Select the Show in Catalog checkbox if you want to allow users to select this feed when subscribing to feed topics using the catalog.
    • This option enables the feed to be made available in the Feeds Catalog when included in an application.
  • Click Create.

Feed User Rights

All feeds in an application are visible to users with viewer rights to the application.

The following security rights are available for these roles:

Actions Administrator Editor
Delete X X
Edit X X
Save X X
View security from the application view X X
Modify security X

Deleting a Feed

Deleting a feed does not delete its feed entries in the News feed. End users cannot subscribe or unsubscribe from entries of deleted feeds.

To delete a feed:

  1. Go to an application that contains the feed.
  2. Select it in the grid and then click the Delete button in the grid toolbar.

System Administrators have the ability to delete feeds (and other objects) in bulk by selecting them and clicking Delete in the toolbar.

Editing a Feed

  • Click the feed name to display its name, description, and catalog status.
  • Edit the feed information.
  • Click Save.

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