Document Management Roles and Security

All documents and folders reside in containers called knowledge centers. The access levels that any user is granted on those documents and folders is typically inherited by their access level to the knowledge center. See also: Knowledge Center Security and Configuring Security for Groups. All users with access to a knowledge center or folder must be one of three types of users: Viewer, Editor, or Administrator.

Role Description
No Access
Users cannot use the knowledge center or folder.
View and download documents. No changes to content can be made, such as uploading documents or creating new folders.
Editors/authors of a knowledge center or folder can upload and download documents as well as view user access levels.
Knowledge Center / Folder Administrator
Administrators of a knowledge center or folder have the highest level of access — they have all possible permissions over the content of that knowledge center or folder. Administrators can view all content, add new documents/folders, delete documents/folders, add/remove users, and change user access levels. The first Administrator is always the Creator of the knowledge center or folder. The Creator can then select other users for access. Any users the Creator designates for Administrator access will have the same options over the knowledge center or folder that the Creator does. The Creator can be removed from administrative access at any point in time by another administrator.

When a group is placed in one of the roles above, both members and administrators of that group will have that level of access. This is different than other object types where, only the group's members are granted access.

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