Connected System Object


This article provides detailed design information about the Connected System design object and its configuration options. A connected system represents an external system that is integrated with Appian. Connected systems allow you to share base URL and authentication details across multiple integrations. You can also upload a logo image to visually identify the system.

Note: Below are details of an HTTP connected system. The following screens will change depending on the selected connected system.


Each HTTP connected system has the following properties.

Field Description
Name The name of the connected system. Use a name that will uniquely identify this connection to the external system.
Description Supplemental information about the connected system that is displayed when selecting the system in the integration designer and in the application contents grid.
System Logo An image document used to visually represent the external system or service being connected to. The logo is displayed in the integration designer and in the process modeler on integrations that connect to this system (using the Call Integration Smart Service). If no document is selected a default logo will be used instead.
Base URL A consistent prefix for the URLs of this connected system's integrations. This value supports environment specific configuration for variation across environments.
Authentication The type of authentication to use for integrations that use this connected system.


Each time you modify and save a connected system, a new version is created. All objects that use the connected system will use the latest version. All versions are accessible to designers who can view the connected system, and a connected system can be reverted back to a previous version at any time.

For information on how to manage object versions, see Managing Object Versions.


The security rolemap of the connected system controls who can see or modify the connected system properties.

Connected systems can be used when calling an integration by any user regardless of their defined role in the security rolemap.

The following actions can be completed by each role:

Actions Administrator Editor Viewer Deny
Evaluate integrations that use this connected system Yes Yes Yes Yes
Select this connected system when creating an integration Yes Yes Yes No
View properties/definition Yes Yes Yes No
Update properties/definition Yes Yes No No
View security Yes Yes No No
Update security Yes No No No
Delete object Yes No No No
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