This release empowers you with new features and tools to build applications with speed and confidence.

Deploy Applications Directly Across Environments

Your deployments just got faster with the ability to deploy changes directly from one environment to another, without downloading objects or switching environments. It is all a part of our mission to bring you a seamless, lightning-quick devops experience.

New No-Code Connected Systems

Use eSignatures with DocuSign connected system, manage files and folders with Google Drive connected system, translate text with Google Cloud Translation connected system, and easily integrate with Amazon Web Services with AWS Signature Version 4 authentication.

Emphasize Properties with Tags

You now have another way to add visual interest to your interfaces with the new Tag Component. Tags are the perfect way to highlight important attributes on an interface, such as task status or record classification. Check out this recipe for Inline Tags for Side-by-Side Layout Pattern to get started.

Check out the latest updates to documentation and training content.

New UX Design Course

In our new UX design course, you'll learn why UX design is so valuable to your application, how to plan and get feedback on your interface designs, and learn best practices for working with interface layouts and components.

New Learning Experience at Academy Online

Come visit us on Academy Online to engage in your new learning experience. The new navigation, search, and filtering capabilities make it easier than ever to locate the content you want. We also have more quizzes and revamped skills practices

DevOps with Appian

Have you ever wondered what it takes to improve your application development life cycle? DevOps is the answer! Appian provides a complete DevOps journey that will help you streamline processes, facilitate more efficient best practices, and much more.