Manager User Guide

ICC provides a wide range of manager capabilities through the app. These capabilities are designed to provide the manager capabilities to onboard agents, review cases, and monitor statuses in real time. This page provides an overview of the out-of-the-box capabilities for ICC managers.

Manager Dashboard

The Manager Dashboard provides real-time queue and agent monitoring for ICC managers. This provides a live snapshot of how well the contact center is performing at any point in time. The dashboard is set to auto-refresh on a 30-second interval.

Queue Real Time Data

On the left side of the interface, managers see all of the queues, along with the service level for each channel. The service level is defined as the percentage of interactions answered in less than 60 seconds for each channel.

By default, only two queues display. See Modifying Manager Dashboard for instructions on how to add more queues.

Queue Service Level View

Clicking the magnifying glass for a queue displays more detailed information about the queue on the left side of the screen. For information on how to customize these metrics, refer to Modifying Manager Dashboard.

High Level Queue Information

This provides the manager real time metrics for:

  1. High-level KPI - Percentage of calls answered in less than 60 seconds
  2. Number of customers waiting
  3. Average wait time
  4. Maximum wait time

These metrics are calculated with a 15 minute timeframe by default.

Managers will also see the following metrics for the queue that is currently selected over the same timeframe.

  • Interactions received
  • Interactions answered
  • Abandon rate

Agent Real Time Data

The left side of the Manager Dashboard contains a live view of agents. This view allows managers to filter agents by Agent name, Status, Duration of interaction, Queue, and Channel.

Live Agent View

For agents who are currently on an interaction, the following information displays:

  • Agent - Name and link to the agent record
  • Listen In link - A link to allow the manager to listen to the interaction
  • Status - The status of the agent, such as On Interaction or Unavailable.
  • Customer - Name and link to the customer record
  • Interaction - ID and link to the interaction record
  • Interaction Type - Voice, SMS, or chat
  • Duration - How long this interaction has been active for
  • Contact Mood (SMS/chat only) - The customer's live sentiment from the messages they have sent
  • Originating Queue (Twilio only) - The queue in which the agent received the interaction; if the agent is in multiple queues, this may not be the same as the queue that is selected

Clicking on an agent name opens up the view for that agent, which includes an ICC Agent Profile, a Twilio Worker Profile, and, if the agent is actively engaged in an interaction, an Active Interaction grid. Click Return to Manager Dashboard to get back to the live agent view.

Agent Record

Using this information, ICC managers can identify if any interactions need immediate attention. For example, if an interaction has been open for a long duration with a negative sentiment, this may alert the manager to intervene.

Agent Monitoring

For agents on a live interaction, managers have the ability to listen in by clicking Listen In link.


The manager will be placed into the agent call in listening mode. If the manager wants to join the call as an active participant, they can click JOIN


Agent Management (Twilio)

ICC managers have capabilities within the ICC App to add Appian users into Twilio queues. This can be an easy method for managers to onboard new agents. The "Update Twilio Queue Membership" action provides this capability. For more technical details on how this is constructed, refer to the routing and user management page.

/icc/add to queue 2

Record Views

The ICC Application also contains a wide variety of record views available to the manager. These record views are displayed below.

Customer Record

/icc/customer record

Interaction Record

/icc/interaction record

Agent Record

/icc/agent record 2

Case Record

/icc/case record

Opening Multiple Instances of Manager Dashboard

To avoid duplicate data logging and data reporting issues, ICC handles situations where the Manager Dashboard is open in more than one tab or window on a browser.

If the Manager Dashboard is open in more than one tab or window, ICC determines which instance is active and deactivates the communication session for all other instances.

  • If there isn't an active interaction, the most recently opened tab will be active.
  • If there is an active interaction, the tab with the interaction will be active.

The communication session for all other tabs or windows will be disabled and a message will display in the communication box. To activate a tab or window that isn't currently active, refresh the page.

Users should make sure that they don't log in to the Manager Dashboard on two different browsers. If they do, it will cause issues with reporting and duplicate interaction logs.

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