The following hotfix is available for Appian 19.3.

Hotfix Package E

This is a cumulative hotfix package that includes Hotfix Packages A, B, C, and D as well as new hotfixes in a single download and a set of instructions. This package is required for any Appian 19.3 installations not currently on Hotfix Package E. After installing, you will be running on Appian 19.3 Hotfix Package E.

See the Installation section at the bottom of this page for instructions on how to install this hotfix package.

19.3 Hotfix Package E

Release Date: 13 December 2019

  • Security Updates - High

  • AN-145504 - Critical
    For security reasons, the Query DB Node smart service has been updated. Customers running the LOAD DATA INFILE command against a MySQL instance (only applicable to Configured Data Sources; not applicable to the Appian Cloud database) from a Query DB Node in a Process Model must set the custom property as a comma-separated list of file paths to whitelist the required directories. If the property is not set, any Process Model using this command will pause by exception at runtime. This command is generally used to periodically load data from files into the database, and so we expect that most customers will not have to take the required action described here.

  • AN-146029 - High
    Fixed an issue that caused the username field on the Forgot Password page to be auto-capitalized.

  • AN-146412 - High
    Clicking on a start process link after the SAIL cache is full no longer results in a full-screen error.

  • AN-147053 - High
    A memory leak in service manager has been resolved.

  • AN-145522 - Medium
    A stability fix for service manager in the case of an unstable or degraded zookeeper cluster.

  • AN-145712 - Medium
    Fixed an issue with the Dynamics connected system that prevented creating or updating entity records with lookup fields.

  • AN-145736 - Medium
    The service manager process is now more robust to leadership changes during the startup process.

  • AN-146140 - Medium
    An error retrieving document statistics on highly-available installations has been resolved.

  • AN-146474 - Medium
    Fixed an issue where confirmation boxes now display correctly when using Internet Explorer with Document Viewer.

  • AN-147232 - Medium
    Reduces the number of messages broadcast between app servers, resulting in a performance improvement in the engines.

  • AN-141142 - Low
    The service manager process is now robust to multiple copies of the same engine running when only one is configured.

  • AN-146092 - Low
    Fixed an issue preventing the application server from starting when non-critical components of Search Server are not running.

  • AN-146167 - Low
    Fixed an issue where engine_disk_usage.csv was not logging accurate values for some directories

  • AN-146705 - Low
    Fixed an issue causing Search Server to break a site that is low on disk space

Release Date: 22 November 2019 (Released as Hotfix Package D)

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - Critical

  • AN-141281 - High
    Fixed an issue where orphan process variables could exist and impact system performance

  • AN-143776 - High
    An issue that could prevent the application server from connecting to the engines has been prevented.

  • AN-144440 - High
    A race condition in service manager that could lead to site unavailability has been resolved.

  • AN-138545 - Medium
    More advanced retry logic was implemented for when an engine fails to start up for a potentially transient reason.

  • AN-139947 - Medium
    System memory use for Appian Cloud sites has been reduced.

  • AN-140220 - Medium
    A race condition that could prevent an engine from shutting down cleanly has been resolved.

  • AN-142520 - Medium
    The todate() function now correctly casts text values to dates in the Arabic locale.

  • AN-143583 - Medium
    Memory optimization for the service manager process.

  • AN-143984 - Medium
    Corrected an issue with the JSON response body limit for integrations

  • AN-144662 - Medium
    Fixed an issue where a row on a grid layout incorrectly appeared selected.

  • AN-145027 - Medium
    Document upload will no longer be limited by personal user storage space quotas, which were deprecated in Appian 17.3.

  • AN-145082 - Medium
    Record view names that reference record fields now evaluate correctly when not selected and when the referenced fields are not used elsewhere in the record view configuration.

  • AN-145158 - Medium
    When a connection to a data source is closed due to a network error, Appian will now recover.

  • AN-144395 - Low
    A race condition that could result in multiple primaries for a single engine has been resolved.

  • AN-144781 - Low
    The accent color is now correctly applied to all links in Tempo.

  • AN-145153 - Low
    When more than one value is present in a SAML assertion for a single-valued field, the first value is always selected.

  • AN-145596 - Low
    Stability improvement for service manager component.

  • AN-140484 - Low
    A NullPointException is no longer logged in the tomcat-stdOut.log log file when clicking a related action shortcut on a record view in sites."

  • AN-140979 - Low
    For Appian Cloud customers, the data server startup procedure is now more robust to issues on the standby server.

Release Date: 29 October 2019 (Released as Hotfix Package C)

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - Critical

  • AN-143289 - Critical
    Fixed an issue with a null parameter in a!queryLogicalExpression and a!queryAggregation.

  • AN-144297 - High
    Fixed an IE11 issue where accessing links to Appian from a non-Appian domain caused the page to fail to render. This updates behavior to be consistent with 19.2 and earlier.

  • AN-132464 - High
    The Kafka component used by the Internal Messaging Service has been upgraded to version 2.2. This upgrade resolves stability issues, such as KAFKA-2729.

  • AN-143808 - Medium
    Resolved a browser-specific issue with IE11 that caused page loads to fail under certain conditions.

  • AN-143655 - Medium
    Restarting a single node on a Highly Available Appian Cloud site no longer prevents the data server from starting up.

  • AN-142283 - Medium
    Fixed an issue that caused some record links to break on import of the record type.

  • AN-142211 - Medium
    The logo alternative text in Sites is now correctly read by screen readers.

  • AN-142113 - Medium
    The password reset link on the default login screen is now correctly identified by screen readers.

  • AN-141658 - Medium
    Users no longer need to be in the Designer group to upload documents using Google Cloud Vision, SharePoint, and other document-based connected systems.

  • AN-144017 - Low
    Channel types in the application portal are now properly internationalized. This restores behavior to that of 19.2 and earlier.

  • AN-142355 - Low
    Multiple data types with the same names but different casing can now be in the same export package.

  • AN-142517 - Low
    Scheduled backups for on-premise customers taken with the backup script now include Kafka logs and Zookeeper data.

  • AN-141300 - Low
    HTML entered in a post, message, or comment is now rendered as text in Appian emails.

  • AN-139911 - Low
    The queryFilter function with an 'in' filter that has many values now performs as expected again. In fact, it is over an order of magnitude faster than it was before this issue was introduced! All query filters have improved noticeably in performance, but none nearly as much as an 'in' filter with many values. This applies equally to uses of queryFilter in the queryentity, queryrecord, and queryProcessAnalytics functions.

  • AN-135983 - Low
    A specific error message is now displayed when object comparisons fail to render due to a system error.

Release Date: 30 September 2019 (Released as Hotfix Package B)


  • Added additional data metrics columns for connected systems.

  • Added additional product metrics for integration executions.

  • Allow incoming PATCH calls to the app server.

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - High

  • AN-141232 Critical
    The process analytics engine now correctly handles the case where it mistakenly receives multiple copies for a single process variable for the same process from the process execution engines. Previously this could cause a sudden increase in memory used by the analytics engine.

  • AN-141683 - High
    Fixed an issue where users were unable to load mobile-enabled quick tasks that were group assigned.

  • AN-141901 - High
    Fixed an issue where users were unable to view mobile-enabled quick tasks in the related actions tab after opening the task.

  • AN-139860 - Medium
    Deselecting a pre-selected row in read-only grids now properly saves the row data.

  • AN-140894 - Medium
    Fixes an error caused by indexing into invalid fields or list indices in unevaluated branches of a local variable definition, such as the valueIfFalse parameter of an if() when the condition is true.

  • AN-140947 - Medium
    Fixed an issue where auditor and viewer roles for Sites were not being respected after upgrading to 18.4.

  • AN-141196 - Medium
    The username and password fields on the login page are announced correctly by screen readers.

  • AN-141212 - Medium
    Clarify DevOps infrastructure connection statuses.

  • AN-141355 - Medium
    Navigating to a record view no longer triggers extra requests after navigating away from that view.

  • AN-141740 - Medium
    A warning is no longer logged every time a service account calls a Web API using API key authentication.

  • AN-141820 - Medium
    Fixed compare app functionality in /design.

  • AN-130623 - Low
    Process model diagrams in process model comparisons will no longer fail to render.

  • AN-133660 - Low
    Using an expression for process model node assignment no longer causes errors in the process model comparison.

  • AN-136623 - Low
    Fixed an issue where duplicate entries were being logged for some exec errors

  • AN-141453 - Low
    Saving interface expressions with syntax errors now have better error handling when reopening an interface.

Release Date: 4 September 2019 (released as Hotfix Package A)


  • AN-139955 - Updated the Admin Console Infrastructure dashboard so that URLs link to the corresponding environments

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - Medium

  • AN-140589 - Critical
    Fix to improve site performance on document creation for sites with a large volume of documents

  • AN-138598 - High
    Fixed an issue where users were unable to accept tasks built via the Forms Designer when navigating from a direct link.

  • AN-140022 - High
    Microsoft Sharepoint Client Credentials connected system now contains valid instruction text.

  • AN-70284 - Medium
    Fixes a variety of internationalization issues with date and time formatting. For the Arabic [ar] locale, hours and seconds are now internationalized correctly, as well as the timezone. For the Arabic [ar], Chinese (Simplified) [zh_CN], Chinese (Traditional) [zh_HK], Japanese [ja], and Swedish [sv] locales, AM and PM will also be properly internationalized.

  • AN-137595 - Medium
    Fixed an indexing error that could occur with updates to the analytics engine

  • AN-137906 - Medium
    Fixed helptext on multipart request in Integration Designer

  • AN-138526 - Medium
    Notification emails for tasks assigned to groups are now styled correctly.

  • AN-139830 - Medium
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 connected system now properly internationalizes for all languages.

  • AN-140057 - Medium
    The Blue Prism connected system now properly handles requests that contain special characters.

  • AN-140602 - Medium
    Record list actions and related actions now open inline instead of in modal dialogs. This restores behavior to be consistent with version 19.2 and earlier.

  • AN-50653 - Low
    Large folders no longer display negative sizes.

  • AN-134752 - Low
    Added data metrics for SSL certificates

  • AN-136712 - Low
    The speed at which Tasks, Actions, and News items are loaded has been improved. The improvement removes the performance degradation observed in some cases on Appian versions 18.3 and later.

  • AN-137640 - Low
    Added a new audit log, removed_processes.csv, to track events where a process is deleted or archived off of the system

  • AN-139526 - Low
    Adds additional logging when certain errors occur while executing a save in an interface.

  • AN-140019 - Low
    Added data metrics for api keys

  • AN-140104 - Low
    Added a column in web api data metrics to track number of web apis that upload a document

  • AN-140194 - Low
    The performance improvement for Tasks, Actions, and News items loading in AN-136712 has been reverted due to race conditions which caused users to see 403 errors. The reversion applies to Appian versions 19.1 and later.

  • AN-140291 - Low
    User profile and group membership data no longer get synched via SAML login when not configured to in the administration console.

  • AN-140415 - Low
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 connected system now displays a proper error message when an incorrect instance URL has been entered


Perform the following steps to apply the hotfix:

  1. Stop Appian. See Starting and Stopping Appian for detailed instructions:
    1. Shut down the application server.
    2. Shut down the search server.
    3. Shut down the data server.
    4. Shutdown all Appian Engines, ensuring that the engines are checkpointed upon shutdown.
  2. Back up your existing Appian instance. See Backing Up Your Existing Appian Instance for instructions.
  3. Unzip the contents of the archive into your <APPIAN_HOME> directory.
  4. Run the deleteFiles script (deleteFiles.bat on Windows, on Linux) that is now located in your <APPIAN_HOME> directory.
    • If the script reports that some files were not deleted, address the reason for the failure (common causes listed below), and run it again until it no longer reports failed deletions.
    • Common causes of failed file deletion include:
    • The file is open in another window or process
    • The file is locked
    • You do not have permission to delete the file
  5. Unzip the contents of the archive that is now located your <APPIAN_HOME> directory.
  6. Run the installJdk script (installJdk.bat on Windows, on Linux).
  7. If you maintain customized or overridden Spring Security .xml files, merge them with the associated base files in the /deployment/web.war/WEB-INF/conf/security/ directory.
  8. Delete the deleteFiles scripts, the installJdk scripts, the OpenJDK .tar.gz and .zip files, and
  9. If you are using a Web server, copy the content of <APPIAN_HOME>/deployment/web.war to the folder where the Web server is getting the static resources. See Copy Static Resources to the Web Server for more information.
  10. Run the configure script to deploy your environment's configuration and re-configure any node names previously set by the configure script tools.
  11. Start Appian:
    1. Start the Appian Engines.
    2. Start the data server.
    3. Start the search server.
    4. Start the application server.

To determine if Appian 19.3 Hotfix Package E is deployed, open the file located in <APPIAN_HOME>/conf/. The contents of this file should match the following code sample: