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Image Column

Function: a!gridImageColumn_17r3()

Displays a column of images within a paging grid. To display images in an editable grid, use an image component.


Name Keyword Type Description
Label label Text Name to display for the column heading.
Field field Text Name of the field that populates the column. Stored into Paging and Selection Value when the user clicks on the column label. A sort indicator displays on the column when its Field argument matches pagingInfo.sort[1].field.
Data data Array of Images Array of images values to display in the column. Create images with
Size size Text Optional text to control what size image displays. Valid values are "THUMBNAIL" (default) and "ICON".
Visibility showWhen Boolean Determines whether the component is displayed on the interface. When set to false, the component is hidden and is not evaluated. Default: true.

The maximum display dimensions for each Size are listed below:

  • "ICON": 20x20 pixels
  • "THUMBNAIL": 240x80 pixels


  • Images are scaled down as necessary to fit the size limit, preserving their natural aspect ratio. Images will never be scaled up, so they'll display at their natural size if they are smaller than the configured size.
  • Images look best with the "ICON" size if they are 40 x 40 pixels and have a transparent background. This size is recommended to ensure high quality rendering on high pixel density devices (E.g., MacBook Pros with Retina displays and many smartphones).
  • If Size is set to "THUMBNAIL", images can be clicked to open slideshows. With this configuration, images cannot have links associated with them.
  • The Field parameter determines whether a sort indicator displays for that column. If the data is sorted by that value, but the Field parameter is null, the sort indicator will not display.
  • Avoid using this component for offline mobile forms because images do not render when offline.

See Also: Indicator Icons

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