What's New with ICC

Welcome to the release notes for the Intelligent Contact Center! Here you can learn about the latest changes and improvements.

May 31st 2019

Alongside the 19.2 release, ICC has the following improved capabilities.

Genesys Voice Transfer

The Genesys Voice PureEngage Component has been updated to allow agents to easily transfer calls using Genesys infrastructure and Appian. The transfer capabilities provided are a blind transfer to a queue, a warm transfer to a queue, or direct number entry transfer. The component provides a powerful UI to allow agents to perform this capability.

Twilio Voice Transfer Enhancements

We've improved the Twilio component's transfer capabilities to provide more structure around warm transfers and allow for direct transfers. These capabilities have been designed with contact center best practices in mind, and allows agents to complete their transfers with fewer button clicks.

Direct Agent Transfers

The Twilio component now allows for direct transfers to available agents for voice calls. This allows agents to search for a specified individual, select the individual as a transfer target, and initiate a transfer to that individual without needing to route through a queue.


Consult Transfers

Agents are now able to initiate a structured consult transfer with a single click. After selecting either a queue or agent transfer target, agents can start a consult session while the caller is placed on hold. While in the consult state, the agent can choose to return to caller or transfer the call.


Twilio Voice Click to Answer

The Twilio component now optionally provides designers the option to configure whether they want their agents to auto-connect to calls, or require manual acceptance of calls. If enabled, the agent will hear a ringtone and see the caller ID when receiving an incoming call. This feature allows agents time to prepare prior to connecting to the caller, connecting only when they click Accept.