What's New with ICC

Welcome to the release notes for the Intelligent Contact Center! Here you can learn about the latest changes and improvements.

December 18, 2019

Alongside the 19.4 release, ICC has the following improved capabilities.

We've enhanced the ICC solution to include SLA indicators on the contact center reports and allow managers to easily update interaction reasons. The Twilio and Genesys PureEngage components have been updated with better error handling. These capabilities have been designed with contact center best practices in mind and allow agents to complete these features with fewer button clicks.

Contact Center Reports

The ICC Reports have been enhanced with an interaction trend report. This allows for analysis on agent interactions over specific time periods.

SLA indicators have been added to the report to provide a visible indication of contact center performance on key metrics.

The Agent report has been updated to provide:

  • A trend analysis of interactions for an agent.
  • SLA indicators for average handle time and average wrap up time.

The numbers will show as green, yellow or red based on the SLA associated with it allowing for managers to quickly see where issues could be occurring with their agents.


The following KPIs on the Queue report have SLAs associated with them. These metrics will display as green, yellow, or red based on the SLA associated with them.

  • Average wait time
  • Abandon rate
  • Percentage of short interactions


Interaction Reason

The ICC application allows agents to select the reason for the interaction during wrap up mode. The Queue report uses this data in the Call Reason graph to provide analysis on why your customers are calling your contact center. The reason associated with the interaction is provided to agents when viewing previous interaction records. Now, there is an easy way to add new interaction reasons and activate/inactivate existing interaction reasons.


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